Ein Märchen in Weiß!

Unsere schöne Winterlandschaft lädt ein, sich auch im Winter zu trauen.

Salzburg’s glittering, snowy winter landscape invites you to dare even in winter. Great locations & exclusive ideas form the incomparable setting for a romantic, unique festival even in the colder season.

The days are getting shorter. The nights get longer. The cuddly, romantic time is just around the corner.

Although the majority of those who wish to marry still prefer a spring, summer or autumn wedding, there are now more and more couples who consciously and gladly decide for a romantic, special winter fairytale wedding in white.

And that’s a good thing – winter, with all its beauty, offers the perfect season to say “YES” in a very romantic way.

At first, you might be a little skeptical of a wedding in winter. However, if you also consider the myriad advantages of a winter wedding, it quickly becomes clear that you can carelessly throw the concerns overboard.

A romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride through the incomparable winter landscape, cuddled up with your loved one in a warming wool blanket, with a jug of warm, fragrant punch on board could certainly make your day special.

Eine Winterhochzeit bietet auch einige Vorteile:

  • Your ceremony will be something truly extraordinary & special.
  • We can design the whole drum around for you in a fairytale way.
  • In your photos you can capture this very special ambience.
  • You don’t have to worry about the weather: it’s cold anyway.
  • The calendar is usually not as full as in the usual wedding months.

Wir kümmern uns um das ganz Besondere

Überlassen Sie die Planung uns - Ihren Experten

Wir übernehmen gerne die Planung Ihrer Winterhochzeit welche sicherlich besondere Anforderungen erfordert. Lehnen Sie sich entspannt zurück und freuen sich auf besondere Momente in einer herrlichen, glitzernden Winterlandschaft.


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