Wir setzen die Frage aller Fragen für Sie in Szene!

It doesn’t always have to be the classic candlelit dinner, and not everyone loves being at the center of the public for engagement.

Whether very intimate, on a larger scale or really special – we are happy to support you with your “question of questions” with creative ideas and unusual locations for your wedding proposal.

It doesn’t always have to cost everything a lot. It’s all about feelings, it’s about communicating what you’re experienced, or just saying:

Ich liebe dich

Wir setzen die Frage aller Fragen für Sie in Szene!

You know THAT – you know WHEN – but you don’t know exactly HOW you’re going to ask your treasure the question of all the questions?

Right there we would be happy to support you with romantic, special ideas – of course with personal arrangement. After all, it should also be a surprise. We help you to surprise your treasure in a very “secret” way!

'geheimes' Video berührender Momente

Dieser Antrag wurde im Auftrag des zukünftigen Bräutigames streng geheim mit der Kamera verfolgt

Wir helfen,

Gefühle zu transportieren

We learned that it is not always easy to convey such an emotional confession, coupled with a romantic atmosphere.

That’s what we’re here for!!
We make it easy for you to focus on THE question of questions.
We discreetly take over the rest.

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