Hochzeitsplanung in Salzburg

Meine Hochzeit: Planen mit dem Profi

There are many small and large things around the covenant of life that want to be considered and taken into account. Every detail must be right and carefully planned. Even short-term changes, often only on the day of the wedding, should be planned, taken into account and mastered.

With my many years of experience, passionate commitment and holistic industry know-how, I take over the overall or partial organization for you and thus make your dream come true.

Let me show you what tasks I take on for you and, lovingly, together with you.

Professionelle Hochzeitsplanung von A-Z

Doris Wallner Hochzeit Antrag
Doris Wallner Hochzeitsplanerin
besondere Hochzeiten Doris Wallner

Gemeinsam mit mir als Ihre erfahrene Hochzeitsplanerin im Pinzgau & im Salzburgerland behalten Sie den Überblick über alles rund um die Hochzeitsorganisation und Hochzeitsvorbereitung von A-Z.

Gerne unterstütze ich Sie beispielsweise in folgenden Punkten:

  • Application, Foreign, Accessories

  • Budget, Flowers, Bridal Bouquet, Balloons, Ribbon, Beauty, Customs, Bridal Car

  • Catering, Candybar, Checklist, Choir

  • Decoration, DJ, Documents, Interpreting, Letter of Thanks

  • Invitations, Experience, Something Very Special

  • Photographer, Floristry, Free Ceremony – Wedding Speaker, Hairdresser, Honeymoon

  • Get Togehter, Guest Care, Give aways, Graphics, Gifts

  • Helicopter, Wedding Clothing, Hair

  • Ideas, Ideal Appointment

  • Anniversaries, Yes – Word

  • Concept, cosmetics, childcare, know-how

  • Location, Lasershow, Liturgy,

  • Music, Motto, Make up

  • Emergency kit

  • Organization, Open End

  • Patisserie, pastor, pyrotechnics, polterabend, photobox, prices, breakdowns, paperwork

  • Quarters

  • Supporting Programme, Rings

  • Sweet Table, Shuttle, Games, Side Event

  • Dance school, cake, table plan, schedule, trash the dress

  • Entertainment, Accommodation, Surveillance

  • Video, Engagement, Insurance

  • Website, Funny

  • XYZ – whatever…

  • YES, Youngster

  • Schedule, Newspaper, Ceremony

Sollten noch Fragen offen sein dann wendet Euch an Doris Wallner.

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