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Jasmin Stanonik

Graphic design, stationery and decoration concepts

With more than 20 years of experience in the creative and design industry, it was time to start my own advertising agency and dedicate myself to the things that are particularly close to my heart. Graphic design, photography and decoration.

I have been working closely with Doris Wallner for two years, especially in the areas of individual stationery for weddings and festivities of all kinds. But I also actively support them at events and take part where it is helpful.

I am more and more concerned with the subject of photography. It gives me great pleasure to photograph people, weddings and events and to capture their special moments in expressive and emotional images.

I am also happy to develop decoration concepts for decorations and weddings, where I can contribute all my creativity and partly also my improvisation skills.

Working with people on great projects and concepts and bringing new ideas to life are things that are very close to my heart.

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    Frequently asked questions - FAQ's

    If the desired answer is not included, we will be happy to help you personally.

    Why should I call an event or wedding manager to help?

    Every event has a specific goal - be it a company event, private party or wedding. This is the core competence of the event manager. It is important to consider many details and all the little things. From conception & organization to execution & reflection. We - as event managers - have the experience for this. And we can advise you accordingly on all aspects of the event (see A-Z), choose cooperation partners with you and negotiate with these terms and conditions.

    Do I already have to know the exact details?

    You don't have to think about details yourself - we give you ideas and suggestions.

    Do I have to research and negotiate beforehand?

    You do not have to spend your valuable time researching and negotiating - we have the relevant network (regional, national and international) and the negotiating competence for this - and you are free to do your actual job. We - as event managers - have the experience for this. And we can advise you accordingly on all aspects of the event (see A-Z), choose cooperation partners with you and negotiate with these terms and conditions.

    Do I have to take care of the wedding myself?

    You can look forward to your wedding with confidence, you are sure that everything will work out the way you want, and you can ENJOY!

    How are any problems at the event handled?

    With us you have a partner who weighs up all eventualities, prevents as far as possible any problems, doesn't let them arise and the most important thing: the destination of your event is guaranteed.

    How much does my event cost - what does the event or wedding manager cost?

    Of course, the costs are based on the budget you specified. If you have not yet thought about the costs, we would be happy to work out a budget together with you. The costs for event management are based on the corresponding effort and are discussed in detail in advance so that there are no surprises later. In any case, you won !!!! - You save time, stress and money! All topics that you can use much more effectively - privately or in business.

    Why should I contact you exactly?

    What exactly does your service include?

    It is actually the best thing for us to accompany an event from start to finish: this includes the target work, the conception, budget preparation and its control, research, selection and negotiation with the various cooperation partners from AZ (e.g. location, caterer , Side events, CI-compliant stationery, shuttles up to possible give-aways), schedule creation and monitoring, as well as communication & briefings. But the most important thing is above all the accompaniment and support during the event itself. To know that professionals act in your sense, who know about the red thread of the event, are contact persons for you and your guests and always have a plan B in your pocket contributes significantly to a relaxed event for you.

    Do you also take care of post-processing, billing and feedback?

    Post-processing, billing and feedback are also part of our service. This is not always possible due to the costs - we know that: of course, we also offer partial packages in exceptional cases.

    Wann soll ich Sie zeitlich am besten hinzuziehen?

    The sooner the better! Preparation takes time and the more you and we have for it, the more guaranteed success is. So don't be afraid to inquire very early and talk to us.

    What ideas do you have about how you want to make my event unique, unforgettable and resource-saving for me?

    Our good network, which has grown over the years, and the experience of our team allow us to draw on the full: whether targets, motto selection, location scouting, as well as the many, many details that lead to successful events: you can relax and pursue your activities, we coordinate with you and do everything else!

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