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Why should I call an event or wedding manager?

Each event has a specific purpose – whether it’s a corporate event, a private celebration or a wedding.

The core competence of the event manager is to be addressed.

It is important to consider many details and all the little things.

From conception & organization to execution & reflection.

As event managers, we have the experience to do this.

And we can advise you on all aspects of the event (see A-Z), select cooperation partners together with you and negotiate with these conditions and framework conditions.

Do I need to know all the details in advance?

You don’t have to think about details yourself – we give you ideas and suggestions.

Do I have to research and negotiate beforehand?

You don’t have to spend your valuable time researching and negotiating – we have the appropriate network (regional, national and international) and the negotiating competence to do so – and you are free to do your actual work.

As event managers, we have the experience to do this.

And we can advise you on all aspects of the event (see A-Z), select cooperation partners together with you and negotiate with these conditions and framework conditions.

How are any issues handled at the event?

Together with us, you have a partner who weighs up all eventualities, prevents any problems as much as possible, does not let them arise and guarantees the most important thing: the goal of your event.

Do I have to take care of the event myself?

You can look forward to the event calmly & be sure that everything will work in your mind, and can really ENJOY!

How much does the performance of the event manager cost?

he costs are, of course, based on the budget you have set. If you have not yet thought about the costs, we will be happy to work out a budget together with you.

The costs for event management depend on the corresponding effort and are discussed in detail in advance, so that there will be no surprises later. But you definitely won!!!! – You save time, stress and so much money!

All topics that you can use much more effectively – privately or in business.

What ideas do you have about how you want to make my event unique, memorable and resource-saving for me?

Our good network, which has been growing over many years, and the experience of our team allows us to draw from the full: whether targets, motto selection, location scouting, as well as the many, many details that lead to a successful event: you can relax Your activities, we coordinate with you and take care of everything else!

What exactly does your service include?

For us, it is really best to accompany an event from start to finish: this includes the goal work, the conception, budgeting and its control, research, the selection and negotiation with the various cooperation partners of A-Z, (e.g.: Location, caterers, side events, CI compliant stationery, shuttle to any giveaways), schedule creation and monitoring, as well as communication & briefings.

The most important thing, however, is the accompaniment and support during the event itself. Knowing that professionals act in your interest, who know the common thread of the event, are contact persons for you and your guests and always have a Plan B in their pocket contributes significantly to a relaxed event for you.

Do you also accept post-processing, billing and feedback?

Post-processing, billing, feedback is also part of our service.

This is always not possible due to the costs – we know this: in exceptional cases, of course, we also offer partial packages.

When is the best time to draw you?

The sooner, the better! Preparation takes time and the more you and we have for it, the more guaranteed is the success. So don’t be afraid to ask and talk to us very early.

Why should I contact you exactly?

Almost the best question – because we are the “best”: no, without overestimating ourselves – we actually have a lot of experience, really know what matters and what to look out for, have already experienced a lot – know the area, whose farms & ours Cooperation partners such as our vest pocket and very important for you – we handle your event with care.

Eben ganz nach dem Motto:

„Es muss von Herzen kommen, was auf Herzen wirken soll.“

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

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