Persönlichkeitsbildende Seminare

We are happy to support our customers in a wide range of interesting topics, whether private or business.

We have prepared some topics such as: Communication, Self,- & Time Management and Change Management as an open seminar series.

Within the company, we are very happy to adapt content very individually to the needs of the respective company.

We can announce appointments on request and requirements.

On request and as a rounding-up, we are happy to organize side events or fireplace conversations in addition to the seminars. In a relaxed atmosphere, topics can often be deepened even better and guarantee even more sustainability.

Den Rahmen für unsere verschiedenen Seminare bieten wir in stimmigen Locations, mit ausgewählten Partnern. Wenn gewünscht ergänzt durch ein passendes Rahmenprogramm.

Gerne erläutern wir in einem persönlichen Gespräch, die Gedanken und Ansätze hinter diesen Schlagwörtern.

Ziel ist, den Anforderungen des Alltages oder des Beruflebens nicht nur Stand zu halten sondern sie gesund und erfolgreich zu meistern.

Doris Wallner Business pulp
  • Own attitude to change
  • Understanding change processes
  • Value square
  • Communications
  • Questioning techniques
  • Preparing for difficult conversations
  • Sender & Receiver – the 4 pages of the message
  • Perception errors in communication
  • active listening
  • Transparency vs. still have little secrets
  • Experience
Doris Wallner idee
  • Target definition
  • Priorities & Organizational Systems
  • Stress
  • Tips for meetings (organization, participation, post-processing)
  • File

Dazu laden wir ein.

Depending on your needs and wishes and of course according to your time resources, we help you to find the right way for you. We offer you possible solutions with specially laced “packages”, but can also react very individually to customer requests and adapt to the appropriate target group: managers, teams, employees in general as well as individuals.

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Lang ist der Weg durch Lernen,

kurz und wirklich durch Beispiele

(Seneca, röm. Philosoph)

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