AUF-TANKEN - Abschied vom Auto-Pilot

Zeit sich Gedanken zu machen, inne zu halten, und vor allem AUF - ZU - TANKEN

Our fast-paced time requires more and more of each individual, no matter what stage of life he or she is at. Both in the private and in the business sector is always expected to be physically and psychologically in top shape at any time.

This is the only way to meet all requirements these days.

Mental well-being is rather neglected, because you don’t have enough time to take care of it. However, the signs of the times show us that we have been in need of action here for a long time. The increasingly frequent burn-out, but also more banal forms, such as simply not being really fit and efficient and not being able to cope with everyday situations in the previously usual serenity are classic symptoms.

The digital world is doing its part that everything still has to go faster. On an email the sender expects an immediate response, we “googling” everything immediately, whether people, data or facts. We share everything via social media, WhatsApp and co – almost at the moment of the action, soon with the hashtag – and as an emotional addition there is at most a pre-programmed “emoji”.

Und JA, alles hat Platz in unserem Dasein – aber:


und ganz eigentlich wollen wir die Annehmlichkeiten, die dies alles bietet, ja auch nicht aufgeben.



(chinesisches Sprichwort)

Daher ist es Zeit einmal inne zu halten.

Zeit sich Gewohnheiten und Denkmuster einmal genauer anzusehen!

Dazu laden wir Sie ein:

Depending on your needs and wishes and of course according to your time resources, we help you to find the right way for you.

We offer you possible solutions with specially laced “packages”, but can also react very individually to customer requests and adapt to the appropriate target group: managers, teams, employees in general as well as individuals.

A forestry worker will always take time to sharpen his saw so that he can do his job professionally with excellent tools.

When it comes not to real “tool”, but to our emotions, our patience, our calmness and serenity, our inner attitude, we usually do not have time to wait for these, our own “tools”.

Doris Wallner Business pulp
  • Objective and motivation
  • Mental strength for every day
  • Burn-IN – instead of Burn-OUT
  • Living in balance – your own middle
  • Resilience – the inner resilience
  • Good time management and lean management
Doris Wallner idee
  • Minimalism – where it’s good
  • Successful communication
  • Transmitters & Receivers
  • Questioning techniques
  • active listening
  • Transparency vs. still have little secrets
  • Experience
Doris Wallner Business rufzeichen

We would be happy to explain in a personal conversation the thoughts and approaches behind these keywords.

The goal for you should be to be prepared by deceleration to not only meet the demands of accelerating our time, but also to master them healthily and successfully.

Doris Wallner Business rufzeichen

Den Rahmen für dieses Innehalten und Auftanken bieten wir in stimmigen Locations, mit ausgewählten Partnern, wenn gewünscht ergänzt durch passende Side-Events an.

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