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Vom Lehrling zum Facharbeiter, vom Ausbilder zum Vorzeigebetrieb

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The basis of our unique and new programmes developed for the economy is the difficult search and retention of good apprentices and skilled workers. The reasons for this are manifold: demographic development, low-birth years, the high schools compete for the young people, and much more. Our systemic approach is designed for all companies. Whether 1 apprentice or 20 or also (yet) none. For reasons of infrastructural reasons, it is hardly possible for many companies to implement appropriate measures sustainably – we offer a unique opportunity here.

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We pool these businesses and industries and make our resources available.
We look at the system: managers, trainers, apprentices, processes! UNIQUE / NEW / SUSTAINABLE

This means that all participants score equally from the advantages of our programme and thus achieve a win-win situation for everyone: for the training companies, their trainers and for the apprentices.

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“You have to work with the right people,

respect and motivate them.

Permanent success is only possible in a team.”

(Klaus Steilmann)
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Vorteile & Mehrwert - für die Unternehmen

New, unique, mindful and systemic approach (for managers, trainers and training, employees, apprentices, processes)

Use of the know-how and networks of the project team

Reduction of valuable operational resources (e.g. time for regional marketing, etc.)

Savings on the cost of recruiting personnel

Opportunity for a valuable exchange of experience for all parties involved

Further development of trainers

Increase the motivation of the entire team

This increases your image as a top employer and positions you as a qualitative training company.

Win-Win-Situation für Ausbildungsbetrieb, Ausbilder und Lehrlinge

Ziele des Programmes:

  • Increase the value and image of the LEHRE!
  • Take entrepreneurial measures to reduce employee turnover and to retain both apprentices and skilled workers in the company
  • Increase the motivation of the entire team (apprentices, employees, trainers, managers) and thus reduce “blind performance”
  • Sustainable image building as a top employer and training company and thus an increase in employee retention
  • better opportunities in recruitment
  • Savings on relevant operational resources
  • Get tips and examples of modern, targeted recruiting
  • Ongoing evaluation and adaptation of content according to the needs of the economy

Dazu laden wir ein:

Our services start in conception.

We advise on personnel marketing up to the implementation of development measures.

We support in communication, in funding opportunities

and are a link to public platforms and institutions (e.g. vocational schools) institutions.

Mögliche Inhalte des Jahresprogrammes

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  • Kick Off event for GF and executives: Voting the annual programme and setting the infrastructure
  • Designing fact sheets of each partner company – important for the promotion of personnel topics
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  • Information Day of Apprenticeships – directly in the companies
  • Optional: Organization of apprenticeships with Matura
  • Annual evaluation and, where appropriate, appropriate adaptation of the programme.
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  • Organisation of regular chimney discussions of the GF – for the purpose of exchange and learning from each other, e.g. leadership, ethics, funding opportunities…)
  • Further development of trainers (2 half-day seminars/year) and the possibility of exchange
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  • Apprentice marketing and representation of partner companies
  • Public relations and PR
  • Presentation in schools & trade fairs (regional)
  • Apprentice Academy with 2 day seminars / year of training on personality-building topics
  • and optional with accompanying project work
  • Apprentice excursion – together 1 / year
  • First Apprentice Day – joint start – with entrepreneurs, apprentices and their parents
  • Project work of the apprentices of A-Z
  • Graduation ceremony after completion of the apprenticeship with the presentation of the diplomas of the Apprentice Academy
  • and presentation of the project work with beautiful framing

Eckdaten / diverser Programme

  • Annual:

Commitment for the duration of the apprenticeship period, or, in the case of new entry for existing apprentices, the remaining apprenticeship period.

Participants: at least 20 apprentices per group, per year – composed of the various companies, sectors and sectors.

Costs: € 625,- net/quarter/apprentice – for each additional apprentice € 600,- /(excl. possible subsidies of e.g.: country, WK, etc.)

  • Coaching for companies (still) without apprentices – half-day

Contents: general consideration of teaching training, ethics, responsibility, tips for recruiting, information and suggestions about possible tools, exchange of experience, funding opportunities, explanation of time resources…

Participants: min. 6 – max. 12 persons from different companies

Cost: € 225,-net/participant (if subsequently participated in the annual program crediting of € 150,-)

  • Customized programs

If required and in demand, the program can be adapted to individual plants and carried out individually.
Prerequisite: from 10 apprentices / company

Cost: on request

ALTERNATIVELY: Cooperation between selected companies

Zahnrad Grafik

Bringen Sie Ihr Unternehmen auf das nächste Level

“From apprentice to skilled worker

from instructor to flagship company”

We look forward to going this way with you & your team!